Since 2009, when our founder James Farley had the simple idea to gather like-minded friends to raise money for local organizations, Farley’s Friends™ has raised over $120,000.00 for Western New York charities and organizations.
— Farley's Friends Board of Directors



Farley’s Friends believes in an altruistic approach to community betterment and involvement. We strive to increase the reach and resources of select nonprofit organizations, charitable groups and community programs in Western NY through leadership, networking and strategic fundraising events.



Farley’s Friends will be the leading group of professionals in Western New York by organizing successful third party events, creating awareness, inspiring ambassadors and generating tens of thousands of dollars annually, resulting in stronger causes and communities.


By planting the seeds of knowledge, nurturing support through creativity and working hard to create better lives for others, we can continue to grow compassion for others.
— James Farley, Farley's Friends™ Founder

What We've Achieved

  • Raising monies and creating awareness for humanitarian relief organizations such as the Open Door Mission's programs to fight homelessness in Rochester, NY.
  • Supporting various veteran organizations such as the Veterans Outreach Center, NY State Warrior Alliance and the Veterans Business Council
  • Advocating, supporting, guiding visual artists, various performing and cultural arts organizations in Western New York.
  • Underwriting and supporting programs for various agencies, such as Causewave Community Partners, who make a difference in our community through their campaigns.